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Impact Run™
is a property of Move The Nation ®

Move The Nation is a specialist consulting and activation enterprise that seeks to expand the opportunity for active living, recreation and sport in society.

The business mission is to harness the power of running to:

  • Create stronger market currency for brands and partners
  • Give social running a greater purpose through programmed journeys, access to community, coaching touch points, rewards and a chance to contribute to society

In 2019 the founders of Move The Nation – Kabelo Mabalane and Peteni Kuzwayo – ran 600 kms from Johannesburg to Durban over 17 days to raise a minimum of R6 million rands for the Early Childhood Development (ECD) sector.

They managed to raise R2,3 million through the combined efforts of corporates, businesses, running clubs and crews and ordinary individuals. This was donated to Joint Aid Management (JAM), an African humanitarian aid and development organization, operating sustainable programmes targeting the most vulnerable children and communities in Africa. JAM is now known as ForAfrika.

The challenges faced by the ECD space have not gone away. As many as 3 out of 4 pre-school children face hunger and malnutrition daily, resulting in impairment to their physical and mental development and this will no doubt create an even bigger problem for society in future.

The birth of Impact Run ™ is a continuation of the burning desire by Kabelo and Peteni to use the power of running to continue to combat the hunger and malnutrition challenges faced by the ECD sector. Through Impact Run ™, one of the key objectives is to continue to rally runners, corporates and businesses to raise more funds.

What we believe

Kabelo Mabalane

“I ran for my life”

Swapping drug addiction for miles on the road, Kabelo’s life purpose has since been fueled by running.

Now a formidable endurance athlete with 12 Comrades Ultra Marathon races, an enduring music career, a philanthropist, to founder of running specialty high performance, wellness & retail centre for runners. Kabelo believes that whatever the life question is RUNNING IS THE ANSWER!

Peteni Kuzwayo

Previosly overweight, Peteni has achieved 9 Comrades marathon races.

Famously know as COACH, he is passionate about running.

From having coached thousands of people and witnessed the life transformation, Peteni believes that running is the best metaphor of NO ONE GETS LEFT BEHIND”